Monday, 7 October 2013

Types of Kidney Failure

There are two primary types of kidney failure in humans. The first occurs fairly suddenly and is called "acute renal failure". We'll talk later about the causes of this condition. The second disease is more insidious and occurs over time. It is called "chronic renalfailure". This type of kidney failure has causes of its own. The treatment for both types of renal failure is roughly the same, with dialysis and kidney transplant being the most common treatments.

One of the most common causes of acute kidney failure, also called acute renal failure, is the sudden loss of blood flow to the kidneys such as seen in trauma, surgery, septic shock, heavy bleeding, burns or acute dehydration. Infections can cause kidney failure, especially if they cause the kidneys to be infected as well. More rarely, acute tubular necrosis can cause the disease.

Sudden blockage of the kidneys can result in acute kidney failure as does auto immune diseases and diseases that clot the small blood vessels of the kidneys. Some of these conditions include having a transfusion reaction, having malignant high blood pressure , scleroderma or bleeding disorders of pregnancy like an abrupted placenta or a placenta previa.

The sufferer rarely recognizes this illness. The main cause of renal failure is diabetes. And the second cause of the renal failure is genetic disease like immune disorder, club-disabled, and so on. The following is main symptom dealing with the things that can cause acute renal failure.

  • The Pile of Undesired Substances in the Blood.
    It is indicated by exhausted, painful in all over the body, itch, cram, forgetful, insomnia, queasy, appetite loss, and immune loss.

  • Liquid balance disorder
    If you notice your tarsus and face get swollen, you can ensure yourself that there is a pile of liquid. On the other hand, less of liquid will make your eyes concave, dry lips, and no mucous in your mouth.

  • Hormone disorder
    If your renal can not work well, it drives your renal to produce extra hormone. As a result, blood pressure hormone in your body will increase. On the other hand, the production of another hormone gets decreased. This will cause your body suffer from anemia, exhausted, and your bone fragile.

Chronic kidney failure indicates the gradual loss of kidney function. In its advanced stages, it leads to accumulation of dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes, and wastes in your body. Usually there may not be any symptoms until the kidney is seriously impaired. Chronic failure can lead to situations where artificial filtering called dialysis or transplantation of kidneys.
Chronic failure develops over months and years. The most predominant causes are:

  • Improper control of diabetes
  • Improper regulation of high blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis.
  • Kidney stones, prostate diseases etc.
A kidney failure is a condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter
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