Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Erectile Dysfunction: An Insight Into The Possible Remedies

Sex is not only a pleasure that can be enjoyed but also a necessity. It is the beautiful way through which humans reproduce. It is more like‘response to stimuli’ stuff, which is necessary for an important action to take place. To get attracted to your dear one and to involve in sex is one of the beautiful and creative things that you can perform. The only thing that becomes necessary is to have the proper response in the right time.
Nothing is so disturbing when your penis fails in the right time when your need it most. To see the disinterest in your partner’s eyes is another thing that affects you emotionally. Medically, this condition is called ‘Erectile Dysfunction’. The patient when affected by this condition, fails either to acquire or sustain the required amount of erection. In many cases, this problem is kept in secrecy due to the fear of being a subject of ridicule. This mindset is improper, and consultation with the doctor is very much essential. This consultation can be very beneficial for correcting this condition at the earliest. An attempt is made here regarding the possible treatments:
  • Erectile dysfunction surgery: the condition can be treated using a surgery known as the ‘Vascular Reconstructive Surgery’. This procedure involves creating a bypass over the area of the blockage. More blood flow to the penis is obtained, which leads to more erection.
  • Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum: A device known as the Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD) can help to attain erection. This device is fitted in the end portion of the penis. The cylinder & pump creates a vacuum so as to develop an erect penis.
  • Penile Implants: These are inflatable and malleable devices that are implanted to the erectile chambers of the penis. However, the implant is to be adjusted slightly for initializing the eretion.
  • Medications: Medicines like Alprostadil can be helpful to increase the flow of blood through the penis. The action of the medicine is to expand the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow.
There are also other treatments that are performed. The appropriate treatment is selected after having a comprehensive physical examination. In addition to these remedies, the patient can help himself by adopting certain lifestyle changes, which can increase the chance of sustaining or attaining erection. Some of these lifestyle changes are mentioned below:
  • Reduce tobacco use: Intake of tobacco is a factor that significantly affects the sexual capability of the individual. Keep away from smokers. A smoke-free environment is not only refreshing, but also healthy.
  • Exercises: General exercises can help the individual in many ways. An appropriate exercise can :
    • Improve the health of heart.
    • Decrease the blood pressure.
    • Strengthen the muscles.
    • Reduce anxiety and stress.
    • Increase the energy level.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption, as it is known can cause various problems including the lowering of sexual drive. Hence minimizing its consumption can not only increasing the chances of erection, but can also improve the general health.
Erectile Dysfunction is not at all a problem that is
difficult to cure. However, it is also to be kept in mind that this is also not the condition that is to be kept in secrecy. An appropriate treatment can indeed help you to experience the sexual ecstasy, something that you were kept away from!


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