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Kidney stone and Treatment

A kidneystone, is a calculus formed in the kidneys from minerals in the urine also known as a renal calculus or nephrolith. The reason for kidneystones is unknown. The disease is a most common problems of the urinary system.

Symptoms of a kidney stone
  • Pain in the belly, back,groin.
  • Frequent or painful urination.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Nausea and vomiting
Treatment Option for kidney Stone
Minimal symptoms with small stone like
  • Drink more water it may help flush out your urinary system
  • Pain relievers medicine
Surgery required for the removal of large stone from kidney

Test and Diagnosis of kidney stone
  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Imaging method like X-rays,scanning

How to Prevent Kidney stone?
Life style make an important roll in a healthy life, Follow certain lifestyle changes
  • Drink more water daily
  • Eat calcium ritch food
  • Choose a good diet regularly
  • Avoid junk food

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