Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tips For You To Fight Against Kidney Stones

I think most of you know how the kidney stones are formed.? is formed if we do not drink enough water. Kidney stones consists of calcium, minerals and uric acid and they form like a stone. These stones grows in variety of sizes. You won't even notice them when they are small, but when they are large you may feel extreme pain while passing urine. And that is when you require treatment or a surgery. It is quite hard to find out the symptoms at the early stages when the stone size is small. But when they get, some of the symptoms that you could feel are stomach aches, fever, blood in urine etc.

So here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to avoid kidney stones.

1. Coffee sodas and carbonated drinks are a good source for the stone formation, try to avoid these maximum and replace it with water. But consumption of cola in a moderate amount is fine. The phosphoric acid in it helps in dissolving the stones.

2. Beverages containing lemons are acidic in nature and have the ability to dissolve kidney stones. Try taking drinks that contains lemon in it.

3. Serving a tablespoon of apple cedar in a cup of water is a very good idea to avoid kidney stones.

4. The seeds of watermelon can also act as an agent for dissolving the stones. So what you need to do is remove seeds from watermelon and place them in a cup of boiled water. Once the seeds absorb the water let them cool and later these seeds can be used with each cup of tea.

5. Cranberry juice is another option. It can act as a dissolving agent too.

6. More importantly relax and rest and drink as much water as you can everyday.

Symptoms and treatment :

www.urologist-doctor-india.comPain is the top symptom. Larger the stone is, bigger the pain will be. The body always try to get the stone out. This forces you to go to the bathroom continuously. Nausea and vomiting are other two common symptoms and makes your stomach sick. You could also see blood in the urine sometimes.

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